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Skin Care Services: Facials and Body Treatments


Acne treatments

Acne Treatment 

We can help with treating those pesky pimples. We do extractions and focus more on products that can help calm inflammation and decrease sebum production. We want to help the world see the you underneath.

-50 Minute Treatment  $60                    -80 Minute Treatment $95

                                   Pkg of 6: $250                                      Pkg of 6: $450


                           Deep Pore Acne Treatment

                                    -50 Minute Treatment   $70                 -80 Minute Treatment  $110

The Lightening Lift

We can help with sun damage, fine lines, and brightening the skin. We love to help you turn back the clock and relax while doing it.

-50 Minute Treatment $70

Specialty Facials:

The Signature:             50 Min: $70 

Wrinkle Reducer:         50 Min $70

The Ormedic:               50 Min: $70        80 Min:  $110                   

Facial Massages

Mini Facial

Limited on time, but still want that "fresh from the spa" feeling? We can help with our Mini Facial we do a cleanse, a mask and a hand and arm massage..

-25 Minute Treatment $35



Our Microderm facial can help with hyperpigmentation, pesky fine lines, and some scarring.

-50 Minute Treatment $70


High Frequency

Galvanic Treatment

Additional Boosters and Serums




Body Treatments

Exfoliating Back Treatment

Exfoliate those hard to reach areas on the back with our "Facial" for your back!

-50 Minute Treatment  $65 

Salt Scrub

Choose from a variety of different scrubs to help revitalize dried, tired skin. Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

-50 Minute Treatment   $60

Mud Wrap

Smooth and hydrate the skin with one of our natural mud wraps. 

-50 Minute Treatment  $60

** All photos have been taken from various websites to further illustrate the different types of services.