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Massage & Energy Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Let us help you relax with our Swedish massage. You choose your pressure for your ultimate relaxation.

-50 Minutes for $60          -80 Minutes for $95        -110 Minutes for $130

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

There are two different kinds to choose from. We have our "Feel Good" deep tissue massage, which is a deeper pressure Swedish massage, or our "Fix Me" massage which focuses more on Trigger Point Therapy to help relax those stressed out muscles.

                                             -50 Minute $70       -80 minute $110.             -110 minute $155

Pre-natal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Mom's-to-be, come pamper yourself with our relaxing Prenatal Massage.. Designed for your comfort while carrying your precious cargo, we can help release some of those aches and pains that come with being pregnant.

                                               -50 minute $60          -80 minute $95

Hot Stone Swedish

Hot Stone Massage

We combine the use of heated stones and Swedish massage techniques to melt away all those aches and pains, leaving the muscles feeling relaxed and loose.

                       -50 minutes $75          -80 minutes $120.

Focus Massages

Focus Massage

Need to relieve some tension in a specific area and don't have a lot of time? We can do a 25 minute focus massage on one specific area.

                 -Regular Swedish $30         -Deep Tissue $35  

Vedic Thai Massage

Using assisted stretch positions in combination with compression and pulling, we will move and stretch you into relaxation.

         50 minute $60    -80 Minute $95                                       

Shiatsu Massage

In this massage the client remains fully clothed. Use of acupressure along the meridians found in traditional Chinese/Japanese Medicine helps to calm the nerves while relaxing the muscle.

-50 Minutes $60      -80 Minutes $95         

CranioSacral Massage

While client is fully clothed we work on Reducing tension in the Central Nervous System, Spine and Cranium. Great for migraines.

-50 Minutes $60

Lymph Drainage Massage

Using a light pressure, we help to stimulate the immune system and get the lymphatic system moving. Great for reducing fluid retention and some swelling.

           -30 Minutes $35                   -50 Minute $60

Pre / Post Sports Massage

Stimulates circulation, warms and relaxes tense or over used muscles and cramping.

-30 Minutes $40             -60 Minutes $70

Chakra Balancing / Energy Work

With or without crystals we focus on energetic alignment and balancing the flow of your vital energies.

-30 Minutes $35            -60 Minutes   $60

Reiki Energy Treatments

Experience the energies of the universe healing and strengthening your body, mind and spirit.

-30 Minutes  $30             -60 Minute $60

Infant / Toddler Massage

Specialized massage for your cherished little ones.

$1 per Minute  (15 Minute Minimum)

 Foot Reflexology Treatment

Using specific points in the foot that coincide with organs and areas of the body this treatment helps stimulate healing.

-30 Minutes $35             -50 Minutes $60

Foot Bath and Scrub

Epsom Salt bath with choice of exfoliating mineral salt or sugar scrub followed by a mint lotion to invigorate those achy tired feet.

-30 Minutes $35              -50 Minutes  $60

Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath

Pulls out toxins through the feet to help detoxify all the body systems.

-30 Minutes $30

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Any massage can be an Aromatherapy Massage. Just add any of our Essential Oils to awaken. relax, or soothe your mind and body.

*Prices vary depending on type of massage. You can add up to three different oils at $5 each. After your massage, those oils are yours to keep.*

**All images have been uploaded from various other sites to better demonstrate the different types of massage.